A-Bones 多效雙刷頭潔牙骨 - 100支裝 (迷你)

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  • HKD$112.8

Product desciption:

ABones multi-effect double brush head clean teeth bone is your dog 360 ° omni-directional deodorant clean teeth bone.

In addition to all-natural organic manufacturing has superior palatability and rich in vitamins and minerals.

Part of the toothbrush can be used to do deep cleaning.

Contains chlorophyll can effectively remove bad breath and body odor.

The other containing oligosaccharides can effectively improve intestinal function and reduce stool.

But also contains a variety of mint raw materials can effectively make the breath fresh and pleasant.

Ultimate super toughness and appropriate softness.

Chewing at the same time more appropriate massage gums, and can effectively remove tartar and plaque Oh!

Divided into 4 sizes:

Large: length of about 11cm wide and about 2cm 1 package 12

Standard equipment: length of about 9cm wide and about 1.5cm 1 package 25

Small: Length of about 7cm wide and about 1.5cm 1 package 50

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