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主營產品:Dog and Cat Food


The advantageous of freshness of food... In general, the food exported is served to our friends after 6-8 months as of the production date. It can be observed that the food gets oxidized, loses its taste and vitamins in time. The freshness of Molly Cat Food is one of the biggest advantages of our friends.   Molly Cat Food is produced by using the high quality raw materials with perfect freshness and content. Poultry Meat Meal; it is produced after the separation of feathers, blood, feet and head of the chicken and with the daily collected fresh raw materials.   Poultry Oil; Poultry oil including high Omega-6 fatty acid is used   Fish Meal and Fish Oil; Fish Meal and Oil made of whole anchovy fromBlack sea region are used. Fish Meal and Oil are rich in Omega-3.   Shrimp Meal; Shrimp Meal made of whole krill from Atlantic Ocean with quite delicious and balanced mineral content is used.   Rice; Turkish baldo rice famous for delicious taste and quality is used.   Corn/Maize; Maize without GMO produced without using any agricultural pesticide   Taurine; it is used for promoting the development of the eye and heart muscle in cats and it increases energy production.   Brewers Dried Yeast; it is a good source of Vitamins B and nucleotides ensuring the health of our friends by supporting the immune system.   Unique Vegetable Contents Seaweed: Seaweed has been used as a natural prebiotic for humans for many years, as it stimulated digestion and promotes development of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract. It is also a good source of natural minerals, such as iron, manganese and iodine, that are very bioavailable due to their organic nature.   Yucca Extract: Yucca shidigera extract is the dried sap from the yucca plant and is rich is saponins. These saponins bind ammonia and digestive by-products with strong odours, to reduce the odour of faeces.   Psyllium: Psyllium is the seed husk from the plantago plant, and is a concentrated source of soluble fibre. It thereby regulates digestion and provides a controlled release of energy. It is also thought to bind harmful substances like heavy metals and toxin, and remove them through the digestive system into the faeces.