Zealandia Limited

  • 19 Stanley Rd, Gisborne, 4010新西蘭
  • 53441441

Web site:http://www.zealandiapets.com

Service Area:New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong & UAE

Main ProductsDog food,Cat food,Supplement and Treats


Zealandia (established 2010) ethically sources unique, healthy and ultra premium pet foods from across New Zealand and makes them available to the world. As New Zealand is a strong exporter of quality human consumption meat, it is able to provide a sustainable base of human-grade by-products to enrich the diet of any animal. We offer a range of functional and biologically correct, moist pet food for cats and dogs, and also a 100% natural range of air-dried pet treats designed for training and dental health. About our ethos: We strongly believe that pets deserve a high quality of protein in their diet and a good quality life in general. At Zealandia we promote pet health, exercise and above all a quality diet. Additionally, we believe that suppliers should be held accountable for the quality of ingredients that they provide in our value chain. We ensure that each supplier is heavily vetted and checked before we commit to purchasing their ingredients. Each farm animal in New Zealand, by law is required to be treated equally to each other when in the care of farmers. This accountability on the individual farmer has improved the life of all farm animals in particular young bobby calves. All our ingredients are traceable back to individual farms which provides a completely transparant approach to what ingredients you are feeding your pet.

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