Boomyoung Co., Ltd

  • 457 Jingwan-ro, Jingeon-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, 韓國
  • 53441441


銷售地區:Korea,Japan, America

主營產品:Pet Food and Accessories


Boomyoung Inc. was established in 1994, provides NB/PB products to the largest distribution company in Korea and client companies, distributes global brands, develops and manufactures specialized products to provide products that meet customers’ needs. Industries related to pets, interests in pets are rising very fast, and customers’ needs are getting diverse because of nuclearized family, change of lifestyles, and advancement of information-oriented society. Best specialists in each field are doing research in from developing products to manufacturing, distributing, customers to make our company as the leader in the pet industry with high quality and differentiated strategies of pet culture. ORGANIZATION Boomyoung Inc. has grown with Korean market of companion animal, obtained systematical know-how since 1994, and will be your partner that provides best manufacturing, distributing solutions in the field of industries related to companion animals as a global company that has the greatest portion of market share in Korea.