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主營產品:Cat Litter


CATSENS is the only clumping litter that is certified ORGANIC and have been since 2007!   1. Unlike other litters, CATSENS is unique in offering a traceability system on each bag. 2. CATSENS is entirely composed of fine granules of clay of food grade and a mixture of oleaginous oil, certified organic = control and higher agglomeration = more economical! (1 kg CATSENS = 2 kg of conventional litter) 3. The CATSENS factory is part of Quebec and Canadian agriculture.   4. Our biological process is unique in the litter industry. 5. We do not add any perfumes, chemicals or any other material and / or by-products that are harmful to the health of cats. 6. Unlike plant litters, we are 5 times more absorbent and control much better odors in addition to being 50% less expensive. 7. Unlike CATSENS-based or corn-based litters, there is NO GLUTEN. 8. CATSENS is easy to clean, fill 8 cm (3 inches) of CATSENS in a clean container, clean the excrement and urine pellets daily, and you're done! 9. People who live in an apartment, will appreciate this litter which offers them an environment without smells! While respecting the natural environment to which your cat is accustomed ...   10. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.       The only litter to have a traceability system on each bag!   I want to explain how it works to make your experience with CatSens more enjoyable for you and your cat (s) as performance, efficiency and economy!   First of all, our CatSens litter is the only one that is certified BIOLOGICAL, which means that it does not contain any chemicals such as; fragrances, detergents and any other kind of material that a cat can not handle. CatSens is made entirely of food-grade clay granules and blended with organic oleaginous oils, which represents the natural environment of the cat. cat .. and the outside of our homes where cats love to go is the litter HEALTHY!   In addition, 1 bag of 7 kg CatSens is easily equivalent to 5 small bags of 4 kg bought in grocery store ... from the purchase of your first bag, you pour it completely in the clean tray (never mix with other litter) so to obtain a good bottom (your cat will adopt it immediately) and you remove the feces and pellets formed daily ... thereafter ensure you to have another bag of 7 kg to maintain the level of 8 to 10 cm in the bac ... regularly .. this way, you will save $$$ in the end because litter lasts longer, your cat will be grateful, there will never be unpleasant odors in your home for your little being loved and yours, you can even compile or use CatSens as a natural humus in your garden!