LAP Lifelong Animal Protection Charity

  • 香港西營盤福壽里12號
  • 64771492





Helping homeless companion animals of HK\nLifelong Animal Protection Charity: re-homing the homeless animals of HK. \ 91302919 or 64771492\nAll-volunteer registered animal welfare charity.\n\nTo Adopt please fill in the appropriate form on the LAP website:\nLAP IS A REGISTERED HK CHARITY. \n\nLAP is run entirely on donations and volunteer support, which helps to rescue animals, provide medical care (including both serious procedures as well as vaccinations and de-sexing), find foster homes, and even facilitate adoptions. \n\nDONATIONS: \nBank transfer - HSBC 400-399978-838\nPaypal -\nJustGiving -