Mog Wan

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主營產品:Dog Food & Cat Food


At Laetitien, we care first and foremost about the health of your beloved dog or cat, and about your satisfaction and reassurance as a caring pet owner. Food is one of the most important ways of communicating with pet animals. When you give them tasty, high-quality food, enhanced with healthy added minerals and vitamins, they respond directly, just like human children. Every responsible owner wants his or her pet to enjoy its diet and to live a long, healthy life. It is universally accepted that providing good, safe, reliable food is essential to enjoy life with pets. At the heart of MogWan and MogNyan foods is that love for your cherished pet. Our product developers are not only qualified professionals in the field of canine and feline nutrition but also dog and cat lovers themselves. These Laetitien experts are committed to creating diet that closely reflect owners' feelings about their pets. It has taken many years of repeated trial–and-error in the development process to create high-quality pet food that we, humans, can also eat. The best food for your precious family—our premium pet foods are made with this passion and delivered with the confidence that they will be valued as essential to happy everyday living for pet owners, dogs and cats, worldwide. For safety: Special Features of Our Pet Foods   Selected Ingredients - All human grade - No artificial colorings, flavors or preservative - Freshly prepared chicken and salmon - Unique ingredients which are commonly used in Japanese traditional cuisine: ginger, dandelion, seaweed, peas, sweet potato, etc.    Commitment For The Safety: - Made in a trusted factory in England ( A ranking under the SAI Global international standard) - High quality package which is made in Japan Laetitien pet food products are made in the pet-friendly UK, in a plant that enjoys an exceptional reputation and is highly trusted. This facility, standing on large site in verdant natural surroundings in Northwest England, has been ranked by SAI Global as a Preferred Supplier based on its reliability and quality control. It is also recognized by the local county council and the British Retail Consortium. The production line is constantly monitored and specialist quality control inspectors utilize state-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure the quality of our food products is maintained to the highest possible standard. All ingredients used in our products are subjected to quality testing on receipt at the plant from the respective suppliers. Only ingredients that pass this first line of testing are conveyed to our pet food production lines. Finished products coming off the production line are subjected to spectrum analysis tests using dedicated equipment before being packed. This analysis ensures that there are no discrepancies between the actual product characteristics and the data pre-registered in the system. Each food package is printed with a unique serial number, which includes the date of manufacture and enables reverse tracking of the ingredients to the raw materials lots from which each product was manufactured. In addition, samples are taken from every production run and retained for 12 months. Through this process, we can guarantee the quality of every pet food product that leaves the plant.