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The story of The Wholelife: In 1995, I switched my dogs from a commercial food to an all natural diet and was amazed at their improved health. They were leaner, had better skin and coat, less shedding, less allergies and just seemed healthier and happier. My passion to share my experience with my own dogs turned into a long career devoted to the health and wellness of pets.     After spending 15 years as a retailer of natural pet products and having a growing concern about the safety of pet food and treats, I made a career change and found my true passion as a manufacturer. In 2009, I started Whole Life® Pet Products with the mission to make the Highest Quality, Safest, Best Tasting Pet Treats and Food on Earth. I surrounded myself with a team of passionate pet lovers who live and breathe that mission every day.   Together, we pioneered a philosophy called Farm to Friend®. That means that all of our products are 100% Human Grade.  They are made in-house, from scratch, in small fresh batches daily. We are totally transparent with our ingredient sourcing and we verify the safety of every batch we make every day.   We understand how much you love your pets. It’s how much we love our pets. We also understand the trusting relationship you need to have with the companies that make products to feed your pets. We encourage you to put that trust in Whole Life®.     John Gigliotti-Founder and CEO What Matters to Pet Parents in 2017: Nature overtakes science as a reason to believe: • Consumers once trusted science to deliver vital nutrients for their pets. • They now prefer pet foods made in a kitchen over those made in lab. What we eat matters: • 85% of pet owners believe they can extend the lives of their pets based on the foods they feed them. People wat to know where their food comes from: • Where ingredients are sourced and where products are made are at the top of consumers list when making food and treat purchase decisions. Health before Indulgence: • Most consumers feel that pleasing pets should take a backseat to picking healthy fare.       Millennials as Pet Market Consumers: • 69 percent of millennial pet owners are more likely to consider foods whose recipes use naturally-made ingredients over “normal”, mass-produced foods, versus fewer than half (44%) of owners over 35. • 75% of millennial dog owners agree that fear of pet food contamination or product safety is a key consideration in the foods they buy. (64%) of ,illennial cat owners are likely to feel the same way. • Millennials are on the lookout for products whose labeling is transparent and green, and are most likely to use pet foods with formulations geared toward enhancing the health of their pets, including pet foods characterized as organic, holistic, non-GMO and grain-free. Our Core Values: (1)The Best Ingredients: Human grade real whole food ingredients (2)100% Transparent Supply Chain Every Supplier listed on our website (3)Hand Crafted    • Made from scratch    • Made in our own Kitchen    • Made to human food standards 21CFR110 Foo (4)Tested & Verified Safe For Pets    • Every Batch Tested   • All Inventory Held in Quarantine pending inde results    • Lab results made available on our website     Verified Safety: Every Batch Tested, Every Day At Whole Life®, we are transparent in everything we do, even our safety testing. The best way to ensure pets' safety is to test every batch, every day. It slows the process down and we like it that way. When it comes to safety, going fast is not our style!  Whole Life® tests every batch we make for: • E. Coli • Salmonella • Listeria • Staphylococcus Aureus   Test and Hold Before Release: We quarantine every batch until its safety has been verified by an independent outside lab. We use Vallid Labs in Agawam, MA and Microbac Labs in Worcester, MA   Lab Results Available Online A code on the upper portion of the back of our bags allows you to view actual lab results for the batch used to make the treats or food purchased.