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OEM Pet Care is a long established producer of pet care products including pet supplies, dog food, cat food and dog biscuits. Our top quality pet supplies are exported to the Asian markets. OEM Pet Care prides itself in providing excellent value pet care.   OEM Pet Care is an all Australian producer of pet care items, with a focus on premium pet food, at a fraction of the price of our competitors. Currently we supply breeders and pet stores nationally, whilst we also export containers of our kibbling to all corners of the world, including Europe, Asia and a host of other locations. If, you're sick of paying too much for premium dog food, or you simply want an amazing product that is produced locally, make the switch today!       OEM Pet Care Australia is the pet care division of the Connex United Processors' Group. O.P.C.A is a leading OEM brand pet care manufacturing group of premium or budget pet food formulas and pets hygiene products in Australia.           DOG FOOD (Dry): • A La Carte Super Premium Holistic formulas : affordable professional complete nutrition for every day needs - made in Australia from premium highly digestible natural ingredients such as Lamb and/or chicken Meat with Rice and/or vegetables) - cereals content has also been reduced to a marginal level in order to ease sensitive digestion system and reduce stool mass. Lastly, all our formulas have been complemented with a probiotic culture to strengthen immune systems of your most loyal friend.     GOURMET PET FOOD (Wet): • A La Carte Gourmet brand comes in 7 delicious different varieties. It comes in 100gr; 150gr & 300gr Gourmet aluminum trays, made from fresh meats and 100% nutritionally complete with no artificial additives. • La Carte Professional wet range for dogs and cats is available in 400gr; 700gr and 1.2Kg cans. It is made from prime Beef, Turkey, Lamb, and Tuna meats marinated in thick gravy sauces and supplemented with added vitamins and minerals. It provides a perfect solution for fussy "eaters".   PET CARE: • Pet shampoo comes in chamomile, rosemary and eucalyptus. We also supply a combined pet shampoo/conditioner for dogs. • Cat litter comes in wide variety of sizes and packaging.   PET TREATS: • Top quality semi-moist pet treats for dogs and cats. • Assorted tasty flavored dog biscuits. • Highly nutritious liver treats for cats and dogs, 100% natural. • Smoked pig ear's chews. • Lactose-free pet milk for kittens, puppies & adult pets.     A La Carte has been developed in Australia by an experienced team of pet nutritionists, veterinary professionals and breeders. A La Carte is manufactured in Australia using prime quality ingredients that have been carefully blended to produce premium and flavourful dog food formulas. A La Carte is a 100% complete and balanced food for the everyday needs of your best friends according to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards. A La Carte has also been carefully formulated to ensure all our formulas promote optimum weight, strong immune system, improved metabolism to produce healthy skin and coat. Ingredient lists are shown from the greatest to the least important ingredient so customers know what they are really purchasing. For example, our first main ingredients are either lamb, salmon or chicken and then rice or potato followed by minimal amount of cereals (low grain), as opposed to most supermarket brands.

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