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主營產品:Cat Litter & wood pellet


This is how it works PeeWee wood pellets are made of sawdust from the Swedish spruce. This raw material is both 100% renewable and 100% biodegradable. The wood pellets have the unique characteristic of absorbing considerably more moisture than any other cat litter on the market. Not only that, but our wood pellets also absorb smells completely. When the cat urinates onto PeeWee wood pellets in a PeeWee litter tray, 90% of the urine will disappear through the holes of the top tray into the bottom tray. The rest of the urine is absorbed and the compressed sawdust disintegrates. As the cat scratches, this loose sawdust then falls through the holes of the top tray into the bottom tray.   As a result, the remaining wood pallets in the top tray stay clean and dry. As do the cat’s paws and your home. All you need dispose of is the soiled sawdust in the bottom tray. If faeces are removed regularly, using the special PeeWee scoop, you will be left with nothing but the sweet smell of pine. As the PeeWee litter tray only requires just a 2 cm layer of wood pellets, which need changing less frequently than other cat litter, a 14 litre bag of PeeWee wood pellets can last a cat owner up to four months.   The PeeWee system makes cleaning the litter tray environmentally friendly and, more importantly, puts an end to those unpleasant, pollutant and sometimes even harmful clouds of dust.    How to use it: The PeeWee cat litter tray consists of a top tray with a sieve and a bottom tray. ① The top tray (with sieve) has to be filled with PeeWee  pellets up to a maximum of 2 cm.   Before first use, also put a handful of PeeWee pellets into the bottom tray.   ② When the cat urinates, the majority of the urine will fall through the sieve into the lower tray. ③ Some of the pellets in the top tray will absorb the urine and the cat will scratch the resulting sawdust through the sieve into the bottom tray.   The sawdust in the bottom tray will dry out again, absorbing the moisture and odour.   ④ Scoop out the faeces once a day using the scoop supplied. Shake the top tray or use the scoop to push the soiled sawdust through the sieve into the bottom tray. If necessary, top up the PeeWee pellets in the top tray to the level shown.   ⑤ Empty the bottom tray when it’s nearly full (approx. once a week). The more sawdust in the bottom, the more the smell of urine will be absorbed.   The unused pellets in the top tray can be used again.   ⑥ Clean the bottom tray. Avoid using sharp objects when cleaning the tray as this would cause scratches and scratches can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other microbes.   If the tray is used by one cat, a 14 litre bag of PeeWee wood pellets will provide enough litter for 4 months.   If there are two cats using the tray, you will obviously use more litter but not twice as much.   For the litter tray system to work effectively, the PeeWee litter tray should be used with PeeWee cat litter pellets only.   Used with other pellets, the cat litter odours will not be neutralised as effectively, nor will the potential cost savings be achieved.