U-Play Corporation

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銷售地區:Japan, USA

主營產品:Pet Diapers


U-Play Corporation was incorporated in 2006. We are a China-Japan joint venture, specialized in manufacturing adult hygiene products and puppy training pads. U-Play went public on Beijing Stock Exchange in October 2015. Our stock code is 833977. We have three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the city of Wuhu, 300 KM west of Shanghai. The total land area of U-Play Corporation is 150,000 square meters or 15 hectares. Our third factory is 40,000 square meters, which is under construction now. U-Play hires more than 300 employees and has more than 10 high-speed automatic production machines installed to make adult incontinence products such as diapers, underpads, and liners, as well as puppy training pads, paper based cat litter, and pet shampoo. Our products are popular in over 40 countries, including Japan, USA, UK, and Germany, etc. Especially, our premium training pads are exported to Japan, which has the strictest quality standards. U-Play is a global hygiene products manufacturer. We also heavily invest in R&D by setting up several labs with partners from the industry, which brought us more than 100 patents on adult incontinent products and puppy training pads. We are developing a new personal care products category for female and baby in year 2017. Our U-Play brand targets premium incontinence market. Fupai targets medium to high-end incontinence market and the E-commerce market. HoneyCare is our flagship brand for pet hygiene products in China. Cocoyo targets medium to high-end pet hygiene market and E-commerce platform. In 2017, U-Play launched the new brand of Uni-free and Cotton Babies. Uni-free is our brand for feminine care products and Cotton Babies brand is for baby care products. Here we list some of our achievements in the past few years. The outstanding foreign invested enterprise in Anhui provinece;High &new tech. enterprise; Best employers in small and medium enterprise of Anhui province; Innovative enterprise of Anhui province; Provincial enterprise of Anhui province; The best transformation of e-commerce enterprise of Anhui province; we have pass through the identificaton of ISO9001, ISO14000 and the National safety production standard.