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The Aller  produces honest and high-quality pet food   Aller Petfood is a Danish family-owned company managed by the 4th generation of the Bylling family. The Byllings have been committed to developing and producing animal nutrition since 1921. At Aller Petfood we develop and manufacture a variety of dry food and wet food. We work with private labels and have a successful range of brands of our own. We have been producing animal feed for more than 90 years. In the 1970’s we began producing pet food and some of our customers have been with us ever since. Learn more about our history here.   We run our business focusing on the highest quality standards and with great personal commitment. Our partners are essential to us and we believe in long-term commitments.   The Aller Petfood three-legged approach:   We build our mission on our three-legged value approach. We focus on three elements: high quality, value-adding partnerships and committed customer service.   High quality: High quality means that we ensure total traceability of ingredients and finished products. Our production of pet food is 100% in accordance with the same standards as used for human food. This focus ensured that we were among the world’s first ISO 22000-verified pet food producers. However, we never rest on our laurels and our customers are guaranteed our continuous aim to reach the optimal combination of high-quality ingredients and as local sourcing as possible.   Value-adding partnerships: To us value-adding partnerships means that we always work towards mutual beneficial solutions. In order to achieve that we focus on knowledge sharing and the fact that a partnership is more than just production. We expect a close cooperation with our partners on e.g. product development, packaging solutions, marketing etc.   Committed customer service: We know that a positive and committed customer service team ensures the optimal customer support. Our team of professionals all have a solution-oriented mindset and they are able to think out of the box. In our experience that ensures the best possible solution for both parties.

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