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Vegetarian dietary supplement for dogs in high premium segment from Germany Dental - effective against plaque and bad breath! The cottage cheese neutralized 80% the caries bacteria. Thus, no film can form on the teeth.   Biorepair - enables chewing and salivation. The saliva is enriched by the calcium of the cheese and remineralizes the enamel.   Power - valuable proteins for muscle growth.   Free of :   • grains or gluten • added sugar and lactose • and any additives   hypoallergenic: cottage cheese as a single-protein, no ingredients with allergenic potential   production: gently at 100°C, ecological – sustainable QCHEFS contains only the highest quality of power raw materials: Cottage Cheese (all): All essential amino acids and the magical portion of protein, which is needed by the organism. It contains important substances such as calcium, folic acid and potassium for the enamel structure.   Buckwheat (all): Powerfood with a high proportion of vegetable protein, trace elements such as e.g. selenium, magnesium and vitamin B.   Carob (Vital series): It has a fruity taste, contains many minerals, especially iron and vitamin A. Rich in fiber and phytochemicals which harmonize the digestion.   Rice (Fitness series): Easily digestible carbohydrates, and vegetable proteins, fibers and minerals such as zinc and potassium turn it into an energy food.   Rapeseed oil (all): With an ideal fatty acid combination and the highest proportion of unsaturated fatty acids.   Coconut (all): Supports the cardiovascular system and shiny fur.   Organic glycerin (all): Made from coconut oil.     Say  Cheese! What consistency is suitable for which dog? Variation hard - for dogsthat love to nibble on rods hard asstone and scraping theirteeth.These are also particularly suitable for the pug because of the high soft palate - nothing can stick there.   Variation puffed - for all dogs, even for the young and old. Teeth can be beaten into the cracker. Then salivation and chewing are demanded, so they can swallow. Thereby, chewing reflex and salivation are activated. Variation Sizzles - specially developed for puppies and dogs with sensitive teeth. The ‘chewing snakes’ with their soft and flexible consistency are a great toy for eating. That’s the way dental care is fun!   How should the chewing bones be fed? The bone is an outstanding reward with only 40 kcal. To fulfill the dental function, the stick should be given after feeding. 1/3 of the dental stick is enough - break it into pieces, or use the treat variations. As an additional protein portion, it can be given before or after physical activity, such as training. Always provide enough water.   Why are the chewing bones free of lactose? The milk protein is washed several times before further processing, until no lactose is contained anymore.

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