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Nourishingis respecting: PET360 is a sales structure created in 2009 by Effeffe, a historic Italian company, producing pet food, located in Pieve di Porto Morone - Pavia. We manage our own brands, which are sold in a specialized channel.Our internal R&D laboratoryhas the most modern instruments available for analysis and testing, and it provides over 130 different formulations. Our values, settled over 30 years, are: • Expertise------- Technical and production expertise and cutting-edge knowledge of dogs’ and cats’nutritional needs. • Quality----------Obsessive attention paid to every element that determines the excellence of the product, from careful selection of raw materials to the balance and completeness of the recipes. Internal lab. Cooperation with Veterinary University of Bologna. • Safety------------Over 60 daily checks on raw materials, at least 4 external audits of production facilities and over 200.000 checks per year. HACCP system and UNI EN ISO-9001 Certification for total food safety. • Innovation------The ability to create new recipes based on alternative sources of proteins and carbohydrates. Strong commitmentto following the progress of scientific research about nutritional innovations and applying them to the changing needs of pet owners, in order to offer the best to the specialized channe   Raw materials, which are exclusively of Italian origin, are carefully sourced and verified production protocols. In order to minimize the environmental impact, all suppliers are next to the plant (very often in adjacent areas to the facility; never more than 300 km away). New production technologies (based on the use of natural gas) also allow independent production of energy with a low environmental impact, to contain the carbon footprint. Super premium products:  • Carefully selected ingredients • Balanced and complete recipes • Alternative protein sources, both animal and vegetable:duck, turkey, lamb, deer, potatoes, peas, wheat • Alternative cereals: maize, oats • Vitamins and amino acid complex integration • Preservative-free and without any chemical colorants • OGM free: No component contains • genetically modified organisms • Cruelty free: No kinds of tests that can harm animals are carried out. Nutritional and palatability analysis are conducted without using methods that could even remotely affect the pets’ well-bein For Programma Benessere 360, Effeffe has studied and designed exclusive and specific recipes: ------- SYNOX 3D Anti-aging effect - EXCLUSIVE PATENT   It is a exclusive mixture of GMO-free plant extracts (Rosmarinus sp., Vitis sp., Curcuma sp., Citrus sp. and Eugenia sp. ), a result of an intensive 3-year program, screening134 plant extracts.   • rich in hydro-and fat-soluble antioxidants: carnosic acid, proanthocyanidins, curcuminoids, naringin and eugenol. • ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) superior to the total value of the different components. • anti-oxidant potential of this mixture turns out to be 3.5 times more than that of vitamin E. NATURAL PROTECTION AGAINST FREE RADICALS: Synox3D supports the endogenous production of enzymes involved in the neutralization of free radicals, and is a true natural screen for the animal. It helps cellular integrity by fighting free radicals naturally produced by the body.It drastically reduces the production of potentially toxic compounds (MDA), which contribute to cellular aging. It helps to improve Omega3 fatty acids’efficiency. IT SUPPORTS ORGAN AND COGNITIVE FUNCTIO.     Programma Benessere 360: why it is different • PROVITAL FORMULATION: It has a formula that, thanks to the presence of nutraceutical ingredients and botanical extracts, provides great results. • SUPPORT TO BONES AND JOINTS: Combined action of glucosamine and chondroitin. • HEALTH OF THE CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM: Fish oil, a source of Omega-3 with anti-cholesterol effect. • SHINY COAT AND HEALTHY SKIN: Fish oil, a source of Omega-3 with anti-cholesterol effect, Vitamin A, Biotin, Zinc, Omega-3, Omega-6. • PREBIOTIC ACTION: Fructo-oligosaccharides and chicory pulp to stimulate lactobacilli and lactic bacteria for a balanced intestinal flo. • ANTIOXIDANT ACTION, DETOX AND ANTI-INFLAMMATORY:  Vitamins and plant extrac     1 + 1 RECIPE: Scientific literature has amply demonstrated that, in subjects with food sensitivity and/or intolerance, it is vital to drastically reduce any risk of sensitization to multiple ingredients. That’s why the 1+1 recipe employs one unique protein source and one unique carbo source, preferring alternative raw materials such as duck, turkey, lamb, deer, potatoes, wheat, maize and oats, with little intolerance risk.

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